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Teacher Resources

This page contains some helpful links and resources for teachers of Eureka Elementary.

Web Logs  or Blogs for short

The Basics Explained

What is a Blog?  Blogs in Plain English by Lee Lefever

Also See Blog Readers in Plain English by Lee Lefever 

Here are some Short Tutorials I have created:

How-to-tutorial on Setting up a Google Reader.  Follow this link to see how to set up your reader and add blogs to follow. If you still need more help, visit the Google Reader Help Page

How-to Set up an iGoogle  to quickly see you Reader posts

How-to Make your iGoogle page be your Home page

How-to Edit or add a link to your site's sidebar

Great Blog sites to Follow:

        Teachers Love Smartboards An outstanding resource of Smartboard related stuff.  Lesson, tips, and much more.

        Free Technology 4 Teachers This site has multiple contributors who share interesting web links, activities, review games, etc.  I have found many cool things by checking this blog.

Links to other things we have talked about:

        Introducing the book  YouTube video

        Daylight Saving(s) Time
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