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M.O.O.S.E. Notebook

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The M.O.O.S.E. (Management of Organizational Skills Everyday) Notebook contains the sections listed below. Entries are made daily, so please look at all the sections on a regular basis. Please see that your child returns this notebook daily.


1.         Discipline Calendar A monthly calendar, which will keep you informed of your child's daily behavior at school. (Behavior cards will be kept in a pocket on the inside cover of the M.O.O.S.E. notebook. These need to be at school everyday.)


2.         Clear Plastic Sleeve #1 An introduction to the M.O.O.S.E. notebook, and a Eureka Public Schools 2008-2009 calendar on the back


3.         Clear Plastic Sleeve #2 A monthly school calendar, which will include important date's; reminders of events, and who is responsible for providing snack for the day and a lunch menu


4.         Reading Calendar A calendar for student and parent to record what books are being read at home. These should be signed at the end of the month by student and parent and returned to school.


5.         Orange Folder-Homework and Study Items

The left pocket of this folder will contain incomplete daily assignments, homework that needs to be completed and turned in the next day. Please help your child remember to put homework back in this folder when finished, or when he/she is not working on it.

The right pocket will contain items that your child will need to study or practice for the week, i.e. spelling words, study guides, etc. Please leave items in this pocket when you are through helping your child practice. We will clean out this pocket in school when we have finished with these items. Do not clean items out of the right pocket of the yellow folder at home. Items sometimes 'stay in this pocket for several weeks.


6.         Green Folder-Important Notes

Notes from teachers(Classroom Newsletter, permission slips, etc.), our principal, or any other notes from school will be in the left pocket. Some notes need to be returned the next day. Please use the right pocket to send signed papers back to school, notes to teachers, book orders (in an envelope with payment), and so on.


7.         Blue Folder-Keep at home These are papers for you to view and then keep at home. Please view and empty this folder regularly.


8.         High Frequency Word List This is a list of high frequency words. The front contains words that most third graders should be able to use and spell correctly by the third quarter of school. Some students will be able to correctly use and spell these words sooner. Please hold your child accountable for spelling these words correctly. On the back is a harder list of words for students that have mastered the front.


If you have any questions about the M.O.O.S.E. notebook, please contact us.



Mrs. Price and Rob Reynolds

Designed by Rob Reynolds