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First RAZ at-home Reading assignment

posted Aug 30, 2008, 7:41 AM by Rob Reynolds
Your first at home reading assignment using our new online reading site will be part of the first week of school.  It is due and should be listed on your reading log you turn in Monday, Sept. 8th.  To complete this assignment you need to login to RAZ kids and sign in by selecting rreynolds as your teacher.  This will bring up a chart of all students.  Select your name and then select your two icon password (for example rocket/train) that was listed on your Technology in the Classroom newsletter.  If you have any troubles, please contact me.

Once logged on you will see the book you have been assigned.  Below the book are three icons.  First you should listen to the story by clicking the book with an ear, then try reading it yourself by selecting the book with an eye.  At this point you can also record your reading if you have a microphone on your computer.  If not, don't worry, just read aloud to a parent.  Once you are a confident reader, try reading aloud to your parents.  Finally, you should take the comprehension quiz by selecting the question mark.  I'll be checking to see how you did.

Good luck! and most of all, have fun!
Mr. Reynolds